Hello! My name is Predrag,

Peđa, though everyone knows me as SOLE. I believe that people find their essence in what they do. I am a photographer. For me, the essence lies in the desire to capture the most beautiful and unrepeatable moment that continues to live beyond the time in which it was caught.

My first love in art was music. When I played classical guitar, nature was my greatest inspiration. By observing the beauty of the world surrounding us, my focus shifted towards the visual experience. I have started to record the motives that thrilled me with my camera. And so, one picture after the other, a new artistic love was born. Today, I am a wedding photographer from Leskovac and my services are available throughout the country and in the region.

Photography is a set of colors, shapes, and textures, converted to memory through the emotions. Therefore, instead of taking pictures of what I see, I capture the moments for eternity- moments inspired by the couples’ love, their closeness, and desire to build together something that will last forever-family.

Each of them is the most beautiful fairy tale. A beautiful story to be told just as it is. There is no room for clichés. Standard scenes and postcard poses are forgotten while the magic comes up from the energy that the couple radiates. My job is not to “make a photo”. I like to spot and capture the feelings in the zenith. I do it patiently and devotedly for the newly wedded couples for their eternity. In the moments while I photograph them, they are the center of the world. The only important thing that happens on the planet.

I find great satisfaction in continuous professional advancement. My personal approach to photography is to constantly move the boundaries of what I do. And so, from a professional perfectionism and, above all, artistic inspiration to love, I create photographs in which the stamp stands: Sole Wedding Photography.

What makes me different, special?

I believe that photography is a way to express feelings of love. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’ll never make others feel something while they’re watching your pictures. That’s my goal, too.

My style is original. It is simple and creative. I like to take a photo of a moment, capture the magic of what you keep close to your heart. People remember these photos because of the moments saved to last forever. Photography is my passion. I love my job and give my heart and soul to a fairy tale of two people in love, surrounded by those who love them most in their lives, making them unique. The photos are priceless. They oppose time. With a lot of love that makes good photography goes also the great responsibility since some moments are simply unrepeatable!

Beauty is in simplicity, in finding something interesting and inspiring in a commonplace. It is enough that the two people love each other, everything else is my magic. And magic is my love, leave it to me and enjoy the results.